Who We Are

Dear shippers makes the world smaller, and your business’s reach further.

When it comes to your business, shipping a product is the final step of a successful transaction. Selecting the wrong shipping carrier can leave the wrong impression on your business. Dear Shippers has the solutions that make it more manageable and affordable through FedEx and UPS. As a trusted partner, our company commits itself to simplifying, improving, and enhancing the shipping and mailing process.

Clients view Dear Shippers as an integral aspect of their business because we help them save time and money. Integrating our tools into daily operations, you can optimize workloads efficiently. This single streamlined process will provide invaluable insight on data to increase profit margins.

Unlike other businesses that treat you like a cog in the wheel, Dear Shippers is your ally that works to ensure your requirements are fulfilled. Regardless of your size, you will receive professional service and expertise. Our knowledge and keen insight help you find customized solutions to meet the requirements of any stage of your business development