What We Do

What we do:

At the core of our business, we provide innovative solutions to make companies more competitive in an ever changing global marketplace.

Whether it is your customers or partners, Dear Shippers give SMBs the flexibility and options they need at an affordable price. Have more time to focus on the core aspect of your business by saving money on postage and shipping. Grow the company that you have always dreamed about with our management system that is designed to operate inventory levels and track inbound and outbound shipments in real time. Conjoining our expertise with technological proficiency, you can take orders, process delivery times, source and manufacture goods, and properly position inventory and forecast demands.

Single Streamlined Process

SMBS have enough things to worry about and shipping shouldn’t be one of them. Consumers want instant gratification and are accustomed to having several options to purchase their products. Dear Shippers’ single streamlined process exceeds customer expectations by allowing you to quickly adapt to any situation. Simplifying the shipping process by inputting data in one place allows you to remove the unnecessary pressure to ship products with confidence.

This easy to use process allows SMBs to reach new heights of success. Integrate your e-commerce channels to create a unique user experience, bring your products into uncharted territory, and make meaningful connections with international orders. Dear Shippers ahs the tools to save time and money so you can invest it into the things that matter to you the most.

Reputable Carrier Options

Don’t risk the chance of losing a sale or customer due to high shipping costs. Decrease the amount of abandoned shopping carts and increase sale conversions with affordable shipping options. Our solutions allow you to view pricing from multiple shipping carriers to ensure that you satisfy your business requirements, as well as your customers. This median will allow you to increase the efficiency of your brand’s logistics by forecasting shipping costs and change your shipping process into an unparalleled advantage.


“What are my best options?” “Where can I ship to?” “How can I save more time and money?”

No matter what your question or requirement, Dear Shippers has innovative carrier solutions to match your needs. We take your innovative ideas and remove the unnecessary shipping burdens to give you new opportunities that are quintessential for your growth. Overcoming these obstacles will get your products back on the right path.